Draft House Tax Bill would Doom America to a Dirty Energy Future

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Heather Leibowitz

Environment New York

New York, NY- Today the U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee released a draft tax bill that slashes incentives for clean energy sources such as wind and solar and electric vehicles, while maintaining most of the permanent oil incentives and extending nuclear tax breaks.  Heather Leibowitz, Director of Environment New York, issued the following statement in response:
“After months of global warming fueled extreme weather and wildfires, and decades of air and water pollution from burning fossil fuels, it has never been more important to shift our country towards a 100% renewable energy future.  We can protect our families’ health and environment by getting more truly clean wind and solar on the grid and shifting to cars that emit zero tailpipe pollution.  Yet the draft House tax bill keeps big oil’s tax bonanza while eliminating important incentives for solar, wind and electric vehicles. Adding insult to injury it cuts the wind energy tax credit by one-third, but extends the same credit for dirty and dangerous nuclear power indefinitely. This bill is a polluters’ dream and a nightmare for the rest of us.”

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