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Technology can help save endangered right whales

A TV station in Boston highlights a Massachusetts company providing ropeless aka “on-demand” gear.

right whale swims with dolphins
Allison Henry/NOAA | Public Domain
Right whales feed at the surface, filtering small crustaceans through their baleen. Photo taken under MMPA permit #17335.

There are fewer than 350 North Atlantic right whales swimming in the sea, and we’re working to save this magnificent species. But the debate can quickly turn into an either/or situation: save the right whales or save lobster businesses.

We’ve argued that both are possible. The senior director of our conservation campaigns was quoted in the media saying:

“Lobstering in New England doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition. We can have our right whales and eat lobster, too. There’s no reason why the lobster industry can’t do business as usual with one change — using ropeless gear that won’t entangle, injure and kill our quickly disappearing right whale population.”

With this in mind, it’s great to see this TV story about a Massachusetts company providing the solution — ropeless aka “on-demand” gear.

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