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Environment America Looks Ahead to Building on Salazar’s Conservation Legacy

As Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced plans to leave the Department of the Interior at the end of March, Margie Alt, executive director of Environment America, released the following statement: 

News Release | Environment America

President Obama Says Good News for Clean Energy in 2013 is “Within Sight”

In a mid-day announcement, President Obama said an agreement on the fiscal cliff negotiations is “within sight” and includes extensions of tax credits for clean energy companies. Critical tax credits for wind energy – the renewable energy Production Tax Credit (PTC) and the offshore wind Investment Tax Credit (ITC) – which have enjoyed bipartisan support and are crucial for the continued growth of American wind power, are set to expire today unless Congress acts. President Obama’s statement implies that these tax credits would be extended as a part of an eleventh-hour deal. 

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Offshore Wind Within Reach for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Virginia

The Obama administration has announced competitive lease sales for wind energy development in areas off the coasts of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Virginia. This is the first time that a portion of the outer continental shelf will be leased for renewable energy development.

The area proposed for leasing off of Virginia’s coast is expected to be able to support more than 2,000 megawatts of wind generation – enough electricity to power an estimated 700,000 homes. The area of mutual interest proposed for leasing off of Massachusetts and Rhode Island is expected to be able to support about an additional 2,000 megawatts of wind generation. Environment America’s Federal Clean Energy Advocate Courtney Abrams, released the following statement in response.

News Release | Environment America

U.S. Wind Energy Prevents as Much Global Warming Pollution as Taking 13 Million Cars Off the Road Each Year

Coal- and natural gas-fired power plants pollute our air, are major contributors to global warming, and consume vast amounts of water—harming our rivers and lakes and leaving less water for other uses. Wind energy has none of these problems. It produces no air pollution, makes no contribution to global warming, and uses no water.