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Coast Guard drops proposal to allow shipment of toxic fracking wastewater

WASHINGTON, DC – In a win for clean water and public health, today the U.S. Coast Guard quietly dropped its proposal to allow barges on the nation’s rivers and inter coastal waterways to transport toxic fracking wastewater.

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Proposed methane limits good, but do little to staunch climate impacts of fossil fuels

WASHINGTON, DC – Today the Obama administration announced a draft rule to limit methane emissions from some 100,000 fracking and drilling wells on public lands. Methane, a climate-warming pollutant many times more potent than carbon dioxide, makes up about a tenth of U.S. global warming pollution.

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Health professionals call for revision of EPA fracking study

WASHINGTON, DC – Citing clear evidence of water contamination linked to fracking, more than 100 doctors, nurses and other medical professionals said todaythe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should revise the conclusion of its landmark study on the controversial drilling technique.

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Pennsylvania announces new rules to curb methane pollution

Harrisburg, PA -- Today Governor Tom Wolf, Democrat of Pennsylvania, announced new rules to curb oil and gas emissions of methane in the state, the second largest producer of natural gas in the country. Drilling and fracking operations nationwide are the single largest source of the greenhouse gas pollutant, which is many times more potent than carbon dioxide. 
The new rules address methane leaks and emissions from wells, facilities, compressor stations and pipelines in the state, and, unlike federal rules proposed by the Obama administration, are intended to cover existing as well as new sources.

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President Obama announces key step toward keeping fossil fuels in the ground

WASHINGTON, DC - Today the Obama administration announced a “pause” on new leases for coal mining on public lands while it evaluates reforms for the program that governs leases for some 570 million acres of natural areas owned by taxpayers.

Climate and the environment in tonight's State of the Union

By | Margie Alt
Executive Director, Environment America

President Obama has done more than any other president to tackle the threat of global warming, and during his administration we’ve seen huge leaps forward on clean energy.

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Science advisors say EPA fracking study’s conclusion is suspect. Now what?

WASHINGTON, DC – In a draft report issued yesterday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s science advisers questioned the topline conclusion of the agency’s study on hydraulic fracturing. The panel said the widely-criticized finding that fracking poses no “widespread systemic risks” was “inconsistent” with the rest of the draft landmark study, released in June.

The truth behind EPA’s misleading fracking conclusion

By | Michael Carter
Digital Campaigner, Stop Drilling Program

When the EPA released a report on fracking's impacts on water, the results were just what the industry ordered. But now, the EPA's own science advisory board has called into question these findings, supporting what those who live on fracking's frontlines have known for a long time: fracking threatens our water supply. 

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Local officials from six states want local control of fracking

As state legislatures and state supreme courts around the country are barring local governments from preventing or even regulating drilling in their communities, Environment America announced broad support for local control of fracking from more than 250 mayors, county commissioners, city councilors, state legislators and other local elected officials from six states.

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"Keep it in the Ground" Act will help avert climate crisis and protect natural areas

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), joined by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and leading environmental advocates, introduced the Keep It in the Ground Act, major new legislation to help accelerate the transition to clean energy by ending all federal leases for oil, gas, or coal extraction on public lands and waters.