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U.S. House lawmakers push to protect families on the frontline of fracking

WASHINGTON, D.C. --  U.S. House lawmakers from both parties introduced a package of bills today to close the loopholes that exempt fracking operations from the nation’s core environmental laws. Reps. Matt Cartwright (D-PA), Diana DeGette (D-CO), Chris Gibson (R-NY), Jared Polis (D-CO), and Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) were among the lead sponsors of the bills, referred to as the “Frack Pack.”


Fracking Failures, Organizing Successes

It's been an inspiring week in the fight against fracking, the drilling technique that's contaminated water, caused air pollution, and sickened communities around the world. Last week, the Scottish government issued an indefinite moratorium on the practice. Here in the United States, following dogged organizing by Pennsylvania activists and in fulfillment of a campaign promise, newly-elected Gov. Tom Wolf reinstated the Keystone State's moratorium on drilling in state parks and forests.

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Fracking Failures

Oil and gas industry spokespeople routinely maintain that the risks of fracking can be minimized by best practices and appropriate state regulation. Not only is this false - fracking is harmful even when drillers follow all the rules - but, as this report shows, drillers regularly violate essential public health protections, undermining their own claims.

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Top violators among fracking companies range from Chesapeake and Cabot to smaller firms

Boston, MA -- From Fortune 500 companies like Cabot Oil, to fly-by-night operators, to firms like Chevron who tout their clean records -- virtually all types of fracking outfits are prone to breaking rules intended to protect the environment and public health, a new report says. The analysis of Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry over a four-year period found that the top offenders, representing a diversity of companies, averaged more than an environmental violation every day.


Report Shows How Fracking Industry’s Failure to Follow Regulations Impacts Human Health

A new report out today from Environment America Research & Policy Center shows that all types of fracking companies, from small to large, are prone to violating rules intended to protect human health and the environment.

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Curbing methane emissions necessary band-aid, not a cure for global warming

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Oil and gas industry emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas with more than 80 times the potency of carbon dioxide, will get new limits under a plan announced today by the White House. 

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Gov. Cuomo bans fracking, wins praise from clean water advocates

In a historic move, Gov. Andrew Cuomo today announced his final decision to ban fracking in New York. The governor’s decision comes just days after new reports underscored the health threats of dirty drilling.

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Coalition Letter Urges MA Legislators to Pass Fracking Moratorium

Today, Environment Massachusetts delivered a letter signed by more than 30 local and statewide environmental groups urging legislators on Beacon Hill to pass a bill to keep Massachusetts safe from fracking. 

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1,000+ Health Professionals Call on President Obama to Act on Fracking

Washington, D.C. – Today, Environment America Research & Policy Center and its state affiliates delivered letters from more than 1,000 doctors, nurses, and other health professionals to President Obama and state decision-makers asserting that fracking should be stopped, given the overwhelming threats to public health. The letters come as public awareness of the health and environmental impacts of fracking is on the rise. For example, in a peer-reviewed study published last month, researchers found an increased rate of birth defects in babies born to mothers in Colorado who lived in close proximity to multiple oil and gas wells.

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EPA Releases Guidelines on the Use of Diesel Fuel in Fracking Fluid

Washington, D.C. – Today, as we learn more every day about the chemicals used in fracking that threaten our environment and health, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a long-awaited guidance for regulating the use of diesel fuel in fracking fluid under the Safe Drinking Water Act.