Hybrid vehicle service offers opportunities

According to a study released last June by the Environment America Research & Policy Center, more than 220,000 hybrid cars are in use throughout the U.S. Despite flat hybrid vehicle sales in 2014, combined sales of EV and HEV vehicles have remained on an upward trend.


Keystone XL Veto: Is the Pen Mightier than the Pipeline

The veto of the keystone pipeline isn't the last word. But Julian Boggs, outreach director for global warming at Environment America, described the veto as a "great win" for those who have fought for years against the project.

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Statement on President Obama's Budget

Anna Aurilio, director of Environment America’s Washington, D.C. office, issued the following statement in response to President Obama releasing his annual budget proposal.

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Largest offshore wind area in U.S. goes on sale today

Washington, DC -- Today the U.S. Department of the Interior will auction an area about the size of Rhode Island to offshore wind developers, the largest such competitive lease sale ever in the United States. The area off the south coast of Massachusetts could house enough wind turbines to power 700,000 homes, and its sale triples the total area available for commercial offshore wind development in the United States. 

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U.S. Senate passes bill to approve Keystone XL pipeline, accelerate global warming

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- After three weeks of debate, the U.S. Senate passed a bill this afternoon to force approval of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. The measure passed 62 to 36, failing to garner enough votes to override a promised veto from President Obama. According to the State Department, building Keystone XL would add 26 million metric tons of carbon pollution to our atmosphere each year, the equivalent of putting another 5.7 million cars on the road. 


KXL votes allow Dems to begin building beachhead to protect EPA rules

A rollicking amendment process of the type Democrats avoided when they controlled the Senate is providing an opportunity to begin building a beachhead around Obama administration rules sure to come under fire throughout the year.


Senate Votes 98-1 That Climate Change is not a Hoax, But…

The Senate on Wednesday voted that “climate change is real and is not a hoax” in an amendment by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) to the Keystone XL pipeline bill. The “hoax” amendment passed 98-1, with only Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker voting “no.”

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U.S. Senate votes to deny climate science

Washington, D.C. –- The U.S. Senate has officially denied the science of climate change, rejecting an amendment acknowledging that human activity contributes to global warming during today’s debate of the controversial Keystone pipeline bill.


We helped win the single biggest action our country has ever taken on climate

Under the newly announced Clean Power Plan, gas and coal power plants will pollute 32 percent less and clean energy sources such as wind and solar will meet much more of the nation’s electricity needs. Environment America is proud of the role we’ve played to galvanize public support for this historic plan. With continued commitment from President Obama and state leaders, and strong backing from the American people, this will mark a giant shift toward the 100 percent clean energy reality that the climate crisis demands and future generations deserve.


We’re leaving a safer climate for kids growing up today.

After we helped present the facts, engage elected leaders and gather an overwhelming 8 million comments of support, President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency finalized the historic Clean Power Plan in 2015. The plan limits emissions from America’s No. 1 source of global warming pollution—power plants. It also helped set the stage for the historic Paris Agreement, made between 196 countries to reduce emissions last December.