What makes an environmental advocate?

By | Emma Searson
Director, 100% Renewable Campaign

As part of my job, I interview a few candidates each week for Environment America’s year-long fellowship program. Generally speaking, I’m talking to college seniors, who are figuring out the very first step in their post-graduation careers. In those conversations, I invariably end up spending some time discussing why I do what I do. Last week, an interviewee asked point-blank how I first got my start in environmental advocacy, and I surprised myself by having to stop and think about it.

News Release | Environment America Research & Policy Center

New campaign launched on campuses urges colleges and universities to shift to 100 percent clean renewable power

As students across the country begin a new semester, Environment America Research & Policy Center is launching a campaign on dozens of campuses, pressing colleges and universities to generate 100 percent of their energy from renewable sources. The initiative aims to get 150 schools to commit by 2021 to exclusively using renewable energy.

From canoeing to campaigning: how I became a clean energy advocate

By | Bronte Payne
Director, Go Solar Campaign

I have spent much of my life around the water. Many of my best childhood memories are closely tied to the lakes around my house in Michigan. I grew up in West Bloomfield Township, which is known for its many lakes, where I spent hours and hours each summer canoeing with my friends. My collection of memorable moments grew during my time at Kalamazoo College.

News Release | Environment America

More than a dozen states strive for 100 percent renewable energy

 In 2019, Environment America and its state affiliates played a key role in convincing New Mexico, Maine and Washington to make commitments to 100 percent clean or renewable energy. On the heels of those landmark victories, the national nonprofit organization announced today it is calling on fifteen additional states in 2020 to enact similar renewable energy goals.

A week in the life of our 100% Renewable Campaign director

By | Emma Searson
Director, 100% Renewable Campaign

For the past few years I’ve worked on Environment America’s national Go Solar campaign. My job was to push for strong solar policies in cities and states across the country. But I recently took the reins of our 100% Renewable Campaign. Today marks my one-month anniversary since stepping into this new and exciting role, and I can already tell it’s going to be a wild ride.

The road to 100% renewable energy — January update

By | Susan Rakov
Senior Vice President, The Public Interest Network; Managing Director, Frontier Group

Imagine a world powered by clean, renewable energy. Environment America’s advocates, organizers and members are spreading this vision to college campuses, cities and states across the country, organizing for commitments to 100 percent renewable energy.

News Release | Environment America Research & Policy Group

Statement: Vanderbilt University announces first step in transitioning its campus to 100 percent renewable energy

Vanderbilt University announced today its first step in implementing the school’s commitment to 100 percent renewable energy. The university will partner with the Tennessee Valley Authority and Nashville Electric Service to procure renewable energy from a 35 megawatt solar farm to be built in Bedford County, Tenn. 

News Release | Environment America Research & Policy Center

Arizona’s largest electric utility commits to 100% clean energy

Arizona Public Service (APS), the state’s largest utility, committed today to a goal of 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2050. The plan also includes an interim goal of getting 45 percent of the utility’s power from renewable sources like solar and wind by 2030. That makes APS the first major U.S. utility to set a target of tripling its renewable energy generation by the end of the decade.

News Release | Environment Rhode Island and Environment America

Rhode Island Gov. steers state toward 100% renewable electricity by 2030

The rapidly growing group of states looking to thwart climate change by adopting 100% renewable energy policies has a new member. Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo signed an executive order today establishing the goal of meeting all of the state’s electricity needs with renewable energy by 2030.

News Release | Environment America

Year in review: Environmental victories in states highlight 2019

Advocates at the state and municipal levels made great strides this year in advancing renewable energy usage, decreasing plastic waste, creating cleaner transportation, and conserving land and wildlife.