The problem with the Trump drilling plan


When we drill and spill, we risk everything from worsening climate change to the livelihoods of coastal communities. Stand with us, and oppose new offshore drilling. 

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President Trump’s budget: more pollution, fewer protections for Americans

President Trump’s proposed fiscal year 2019 budget dramatically cuts critical environmental and health programs. The proposed budget reduces the Environmental Protection Agency budget by 23 percent and the Department of Interior budget by 16 percent.

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Environment America statement on Kathleen Hartnett White no longer being considered to lead the Council of Environmental Quality by Christy Leavitt, Campaign to Defend Our Environment Director:

“We’re glad to see Kathleen Hartnett White’s nomination withdrawn. President Trump has appointed a lot of people with anti-environmental track records to lead environmental agencies, but White's history was one of the worst. Not only is the idea of a climate change denier running the Council on Environmental Quality beyond absurd, White’s record as an environmental regulator in Texas was dismal..."

A 21st century State of the Union should present a vision for a clean energy future

By | Ross Sherman
Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy, Digital Organizer

According to the White House, President Trump’s State of the Union address will discuss the challenges of the coming year in an optimistic, forward-looking and bipartisan manner. We support that notion wholeheartedly, but we’re also mindful of his past rhetoric.

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Environment America Statement on Government Shutdown

The dysfunction in Washington has reached a new low. Congress has failed to perform its core constitutional responsibility: to fund the federal government. But fortunately, the gridlock in the Capitol doesn't have to keep our state and local governments from protecting their people, wildlife, and natural resources. Environment America's partnerships with states, counties and cities have led to forward-looking innovations that keep our air and water clean and living things healthy.

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Public To Voice Bipartisan Opposition To Trump's Offshore Drilling Plan At Two Dozen Local Hearings

Given the tidal wave of bipartisan opposition that it has triggered since its unveiling earlier this month, the Trump administration’s controversial plan to expose nearly all U.S. coastal waters to the risk of oil spills will attract vocal national and local criticism when listening sessions kick off this week. 

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A Big Win for Our Environment -- Environment America-endorsed Doug Jones elected to U.S. Senate

Environment America, with a great sense of pride, congratulates Doug Jones, his campaign, and the voters of Alabama for sending Mr. Jones to Washington last night. Environment America both endorsed his campaign and encouraged our members and supporters across the state to turn out to vote. Environment America’s member-supported political action committee also made a direct contribution to Doug Jones’s campaign.

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Environmental scorecard highlights need for Congress to better protect our environment & health

Environment America today released its 2017 Environmental Scorecard tracking how the U.S. Congress voted on bills that could protect our air, water, landscapes and the health of the planet.  Absences count against a member's score.

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President Trump Eliminates Protections for Treasured Public Lands

President Donald Trump announced today that he is drastically cutting Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Not only is this decision environmentally irresponsible, it defies public opinion. Ninety-eight percent of the record-breaking 2.8 million public comments to the U.S. Interior Department asked the federal government to maintain or expand protections for these and the 25 other national monuments still under review by the Trump administration.