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Environment America sues federal government over prohibiting states from setting stronger tailpipe emission standards

Environment America, along with eight other public interest organizations, filed a lawsuit today in a Washington, D.C., federal district court opposing the Trump administration’s plan to block states from setting their own tough tailpipe emissions standards.

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Environment America Chairman Doug Phelps' statement on the Green New Deal vote

The Green New Deal is a great vehicle to bring more attention to the need for bold action on climate. But as actual legislation it is non-news, because nothing dramatic is going to happen on climate in the Senate as currently constituted. At the state level, however, a growing number of leaders across the political spectrum are moving forward to meet the challenge.

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EPA Heads in the Wrong Direction on Clean Car Standards

This week, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt is expected to announce a move to significantly weaken America’s clean car standards. Andrea McGimsey, Global Warming Program Director, issued the following statement in response:

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Environment America Statement on Government Shutdown

The dysfunction in Washington has reached a new low. Congress has failed to perform its core constitutional responsibility: to fund the federal government. But fortunately, the gridlock in the Capitol doesn't have to keep our state and local governments from protecting their people, wildlife, and natural resources. Environment America's partnerships with states, counties and cities have led to forward-looking innovations that keep our air and water clean and living things healthy.

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States and cities are the driving force in the fight against climate change. With today’s announcement, it’s clear that they are shifting into a new gear

A coalition of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states today announced their intention to limit dangerous carbon pollution from cars and trucks – the leading contributor to climate change in the region. Over the next year or so, the states will be developing a policy to clean up pollution, make polluters pay, and move toward a transportation system that runs entirely on clean, renewable energy.