Save America’s Wildlife

Time is running out to save America’s wildlife

Bumblebees, bison and manatees need our help. Congress can act by passing the Recovering America's Wildlife Act this week.

RichieB_pics | Public Domain
A bison in Caprock Canyons State Park

Our lives are richer with more nature, from the bear on the ridgeline to the bee in our backyard. But thousands of species of wildlife are at risk in America, including many species of bumblees, bison and manatees. The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act could help these species thrive; it’s a bipartisan bill that would fund state wildlife recovery efforts, such as protecting critical habitats where animals breed and feed.

The bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives this summer, but now time is running out for the Senate to act. If we don’t pass this bill now, wildlife won’t get the help they need. Species at risk include:

  • Florida’s manatees: These gentle sea-giants’ population is plummeting. Florida wildlife officials are considering emergency feedings again this winter to prevent manatees from starving, but manatees need more than lettuce to thrive. We need to protect their habitat, restore degraded feeding areas and reducing water pollution.
  • Bumblees: The rusty patched bumblebee’s population has plummeted by nearly 90% since the 1990s, and in 2017, it became the first bee in the continental U.S. to be listed as endangered. Many more bumblebees could follow suit if we don’t start protecting more of their habitat and reducing the use of bee-killing pesticides.
  • Bison: American bison were nearly wiped out more than a century ago, but have made a slow, steady recovery in Yellowstone National Park and other preserves. Passing the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act could enable improved disease management and reintroduction to suitable habitats.

We recently joined state fish and wildlife agencies, hundreds of state legislators, hunting and angling groups, environmental organizations and business to urge Congress to pass the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act. You can help: Call your Senator and urge them to pass the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.

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