Toyota’s new North Carolina battery plant will use recycled materials

Redwood Materials will source main components for Toyota batteries made in NC

Spots reserved for electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common.

Toyota has agreed to source two main components for its new battery plant in North Carolina from a provider which aims to build a localized circular supply chain for battery production. Following an initial collaboration last year, Toyota plans to work with Nevada-based Redwood Materials on its North Carolina operation and expand facilities to open in South Carolina.

“Using recycled materials from a local provider is a smart move for businesses,” said Emily Mason, Advocate at Environment North Carolina. “Recycling materials used for production will have a positive impact on the environment through reducing waste and emissions from transportation of goods from other countries.”

Toyota will source cathode active materials and anode copper foil from Redwood. These materials are two of the most critical components of EV batteries. Toyota has committed to using 20% recycled nickel, 20% recycled lithium, 50% recycled cobalt and 100% recycled copper in the batteries made at the new facility. This decision will also help more Americans tap into benefits available in the Inflation Reduction Act for purchasing electric vehicles made with domestic components. The new battery plant is set to open in 2025.


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