Ohio Haunted by Global Warming

Environment Ohio

Columbus, OH – Today in Columbus, Environment Ohio held an event to release “Ten Scary Global Warming Facts Plaguing Ohio,” a new factsheet that compiles 10 of the most frightening realities about global warming pollution. Many activists joined the group ready for a Global Warming Day of Action that involved petition collections, photo petitions, and on the spot phone calls to Congressmen and women asking for their support on climate action.

“Currently, global warming pollution from power plants is completely unregulated ” said Vivian Daly, Field Organizer with Environment Ohio. “Fortunately, this summer President Obama announced his Climate Action Plan, which will limit global warming pollution from new and existing power plants while promoting clean renewable energy sources.”

The Halloween-themed event comes on the heels of the EPA’s first ever carbon standards for new power plants. The rule will prevent any more dirty power plants, like General James M Gavin that emits the equivalent global warming pollution as 3.5 million cars each year, to be built.

The most terrifying facts revealed today include:

1. Global warming pollution from Ohio’s power plants is currently unregulated, meaning power plants can spew unlimited amounts of carbon — a greenhouse gas that traps heat and degrades air quality — into our atmosphere. While newly proposed standards seek to correct this by limiting emissions, these standards face fierce opposition from big polluters and fossil fuel interests.

2. Ohio’s power plants rank second in the nation for global warming pollution, producing 120 metric tons of carbon dioxide—the equivalent of 25.2 million cars—each year.

3. Ohio is home to 6 of the top 100 most polluting power plants in the United States, which account for 48 percent of statewide carbon emissions. These dirty power plants include General James M Gavin, JM Stuart, FirstEnergy W. H. Sammis, Cardinal, and Miami Fort.

What’s even scarier is what’s at stake. We are already feeling the affects of global warming and it will continue to grow worse. 2012 was the hottest recorded summer in Ohio and these rising temperatures fuel smog pollution which is detrimental to our health, the anniversary of Super Storm Hurricane Sandy reminds us of the billions of dollars spent and the countless lives affected by the storm, and iconic landmarks, like Lake Eire, are threatened by toxic blue-green algae growth. Scientists agree, rising temperatures and super storms will continue to grow in frequency and severity.  

Activists volunteered throughout the day to collect public comments in favor of the President’s Climate Action plan. The day ended with over 160 petitions and 35 photo-petitions in support of climate action, of those signers over 25 called Senator Sherrod Brown urging him to support the EPAs new carbon rules.  Around the state, over quarter of a million Ohioans have already submitted public comments in support of climate action. Including Aly, Gordon (pictured below), who spent the day taking photos like this one.

“It’s time to give Ohio the Halloween treat it deserves – protection from polluters,” said Daly. “We thank the Obama Administration and the EPA for taking steps forward on climate change. Congressmen and women should finish the job by supporting the President’s plan to ensure that Ohio will be less scary for future Halloweens.”


Environment Ohio is a statewide, citizen-based, environmental advocacy organization working for a cleaner, greener, healthier future.