Save America’s Wildlife

Wildlife need room to roam

Wildlife habitats are small, fractured and disconnected. We need to stitch them together to save America's wildlife.

In 2021, we released a simple enough report that showcased different types of wildlife corridors, i.e. different methods of connecting habitats. The concept is that we’ve fractured wildlife habitats with our roads, cities and more, but we can mitigate the damage by reconnecting them.

Check out the report (with photos!) here.

While the idea is simple enough, doing the work takes work. The good news? Since the report came out, there has been progress.

The bipartisan infrastructure law, passed by Congress late in 2021 and signed by the president, put $350 million toward wildlife crossings — for the bridges, underpasses, fencing and rumble strips that guide wildlife toward safer crossings.

The same bill authorized $10 million for state grants to plant native, pollinator friendly vegetation along roadways. Talk about corridors, some of these roads just keep going.

Meanwhile, states keep jumping in with money and ideas. See the paragraph on “connecting nature” here, as just one example.

Just as building a bridge to connect mountain lion habitats doesn’t happen overnight, building the support for wildlife connections doesn’t either. But we’re making a start. Let’s keep going.

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