Environment Oregon Endorses Merkley and Kitzhaber for 2014 Elections

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Rikki Seguin

Environment Oregon

PORTLAND, OR – Environment Oregon, a statewide environmental organization, announced today the endorsement of two candidates for state and federal office. The candidates are Jeff Merkley for United States Senate and John Kitzhaber for Governor.

Support from the candidates on key issues, including global warming, open space, clean air, clean water and clean energy led to today’s endorsement.

“To ensure a healthy environment, we need more voices here in Oregon and Washington, DC, to fight for action on global warming, pass measures to clean our air, stop pollution in our waterways and promote clean energy like wind and solar,” said Environment Oregon’s advocate Rikki Seguin. “These candidates have shown commitment to solving these pressing environmental concerns for Oregon and the country.”

Over the past 5 years in Congress, Senator Jeff Merkley has voted with Environment Oregon 100 percent of the time on key environmental issues. These votes included supporting the EPA’s ability to limit global warming pollution and dedicating conservation funds to protect special places across the county.

During his three terms as Governor, Governor John Kitzhaber has been a champion for Oregon’s environment. He has taken strong action against climate change and is a vocal supporter of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan and its implementation in Oregon.

“On November 4, voters in Oregon will be able to make a clear choice on the ballot for the environment by supporting Jeff Merkley for Senate and John Kitzhaber for Governor,” said Seguin. “To make sure we tackle our climate crisis, make progress on clean air and clean water, support Oregon’s parks and bring more wind and solar energy online, the 2014 election is a critical time to exercise our right to vote.”