10 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste


Nothing we use for 10 minutes should pollute our environment for hundreds of years.

In America, our waste is killing our wildlife. Our economy encourages us to make, use, and toss at the greatest possible speed. Often, we don’t think twice about getting our coffee to-go in a foam or plastic cup with a plastic straw, or food in a foam or plastic takeout container or our groceries in plastic bags. When we’re done with these single-use plastics, we throw them away. Only, there is no “away”– often, these single-use plastics end up in our natural environment for hundreds of years. 

To reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans, environment, and landfills, we need to dramatically reduce the amount of straws, single use plastic bags, styrofoam and other single use plastics handed to consumers every day.

To help tackle this problem, there’s a lot that you can do as a consumer to reduce your plastic waste. See our “10 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste” for some ideas to get you started.

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