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Bill to phase out toxic fluorescent lightbulbs passes Oregon Senate

The Oregon legislature is one vote away from sending a bill replacing fluorescent light bulbs with more efficient non-toxic alternatives to the governor's desk.

Fluorescent bulb change
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Lawmakers in the Oregon Senate passed House Bill 2531 by a vote of 17-8. After a concurrence vote, the bill will head to Governor Kotek’s desk for signature. If signed, Oregon would phase out the sale of fluorescent lighting by Jan 1, 2024.

LED light bulbs—readily available as replacements for fluorescents in all needed shapes and sizes—do not contain any of the toxic mercury that fluorescent bulbs do. LED bulbs also cut energy use in half compared to fluorescents, last about twice as long, and typically cost far less to purchase and operate over their lifetime.

The legislation is expected to save Oregonians $49 million in electric bills by 2030, increasing to $617 million in electric bill savings by 2050. 

“We can save energy and reduce our exposure to toxic mercury,” said Celeste Meiffren-Swango, state director of Environment Oregon. “Clean lighting policy will help protect the health and safety of Oregonians today and for years to come.”

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