Bill to to modernize Oregon’s health code to enable reuse passes Oregon Senate

A bill to modernize Oregon's health code to allow for reusables passed the Oregon Senate with a bipartisan vote of 19-8 on Wednesday.

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Senate Bill 545 passed the Oregon Senate on Wednesday with a bipartisan vote of 19-8.

Oregon’s health code currently does not allow for consumer or store-owned reusable containers to be used in restaurants for takeout– but as we are working to reduce our use of single-use plastics, shifting to reusables is critically important.

On February 2, 2023 the Oregon Department of Agriculture officially adopted new rules for enabling reusable containers in retail establishments like grocery stores and small cooperatives. SB 545 directs the Oregon Health Authority to undergo similar rulemaking updates to allow restaurant establishments, and their customers, to do the same. 

It is now headed to the Oregon House for consideration.

Oregon: Turn off the plastic tap

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Oregon: Turn off the plastic tap

Every year it's becoming more and more clear: We need to turn off the plastic tap. Plastic waste is piling up in our landfills, our communities and our environment. Tell your state legislators to work to prevent plastic pollution this year.

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