Environment Oregon supports transportation electrification measures

Environment Oregon is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization working for clean air, clean water and open space. We support House Bill 2165 because accelerating the electrification of our transportation system is critical for addressing the climate crisis, and HB2165 takes important steps to help achieve that goal. 

To meet Oregon’s goals for electric vehicle (EV) adoption, Oregonians need to be able to afford and obtain electric vehicles and feel confident getting around their communities and the state as a whole in their EVs.  The state’s utilities are already investing in the infrastructure needed to give Oregonians confidence and convenience for charging their EVs, and allowing utilities to spread the cost of these investments to all of their ratepayers will help accelerate the pace and scope of these investments, helping bring the benefits of EVs to more and more Oregon residents. Creating regular investments in EV infrastructure is necessary for meeting our EV and climate goals, and HB2165 helps make that happen. (To help this expansion of charging infrastructure, Environment Oregon is also supportive of the EV-capable building codes detailed in HB2180). 

Environment Oregon is also strongly supportive of the parts of HB2165 that help get more Oregonians into electric cars, and ensure that all Oregonians can reap the benefits of electric vehicles. Removing the Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program’s sunset means that this important program can continue to get more Oregonians into electric vehicles, as does HB2165’s increased funding for the Charge Ahead rebate and related community outreach. 

Accelerating Oregon’s transition to electric vehicles is essential for addressing climate change and cleaning up our air, and HB2165 contains important and effective measures to make that transition happen. 

John Ammondson
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