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Oregon should invest more in our marine reserves

Environment Oregon submitted testimony in support of House Bill 2903, which would further support Oregon's marine reserves.


The beautiful shoreline of Cape Perpetua.

Since 2009, Oregon has established five “no take” marine reserves as part of our Marine Reserves Program. Cascade Head, Cape Perpetua, Cape Falcon, Otter Rock, and Redfish Rocks vary from around one to twenty square miles in size and encompass roughly 9% of the state’s ocean waters.

The marine reserves were established to preserve marine habitats and biodiversity as well as to conduct scientific research. These areas contain amazing ocean habitats such as craggy reefs teeming with rockfish, sandy bottoms abundant with Dungeness crab, and towering kelp canopies concealing seals on the hunt.

A ten year review of the Program came out last year which highlighted the fact that the reserves are serving their intended purpose, they just need more funding. Last month, a bipartisan group of legislators introduced House Bill 2903, which would allocate additional funding to the marine reserves program for the next biennium. This would allow for more research to monitor the ocean’s changing conditions, more staff to maintain the reserves, and an improved ability to engage and educate the public.

This week, Environment Oregon submitted testimony in support of the proposed bill.

Please pass House Bill 2903 so we can build on the success of the Program and continue to protect, monitor, and appreciate these amazing nearshore ecosystems in which seals, crab, anemones, rockfish, and a vast array of other marine plants and animals can flourish.”

You can read our full statement here.

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