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Oregon takes step toward cleaning up transportation emissions

Oregon's Environmental Quality Commission just voted for a new rule that would require all vehicle sold after 2035 be zero-emission.

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Transportation is a huge source of carbon pollution in the United States — so policies to promote zero-emissions vehicles are important in the fight against climate change.

Oregon is taking an important step toward zeroing out the carbon emissions coming from its roads.

In late December, the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission voted in favor of a rule requiring that all new cars sold in the state be zero-emission vehicles by 2035. In Oregon, 40% of climate pollution comes from transportation, and more than half of that transportation pollution comes from passenger cars and trucks. This new rule would reduce the amount of climate- and health-harming pollution emitted every year from the vehicles Oregonians rely on for transport day to day.

“Once again, Oregon is proving itself to be a national leader in taking steps to reduce climate pollution. Adopting this rule in Oregon puts a mile marker on the road to the future that we want and need to build to ensure a livable planet for generations to come.”

Our national network is working to clean up transportation emissions to reduce planet-warming fossil fuel emissions.

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