We need leaders who will fight for a better environment

Environment America Action Fund was created to counter the power of the unchecked contributions made by corporate polluters and their allies in the political process.

Using targeted grassroots organizing and strategic communications, we work to help elect candidates who will stand up for the environment, and to defeat politicians who place corporate profits ahead of environmental protection. The tactics we use promote democracy by educating the public and getting people involved.

Our work in 2016 

We want to ensure we have pro-environment decision makers at all levels of government working with us to create a cleaner, greener, healthier country. And that is why Environment America Action Fund has boots on the ground this fall in the crucial swing states of Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Knowing full well that person-to-person voter contact can increase turnout by several percentage points, we are meeting voters right now face to face—from Harrisburg to Philadelphia and onward to suburban Durham and downtown Charlotte—helping everyone we meet make plans to vote on or before Election Day.

Far too much is at stake for our planet this year, and to think that President Obama took North Carolina by a mere 14,000 votes in 2008.

That said, by Election Day our canvassers will have knocked on hundreds of thousands of doors.

Not only are these two states crucial to Secretary Clinton becoming the 45th President of the United States, but have also moved center stage in the fight to mobilize and educate voters about U.S. Senate candidates Katie McGinty of Pennsylvania and Deborah Ross of North Carolina, two pro-environment champions who are both running neck-and-neck against incumbents whose voting records are nothing more than direct assaults against our environment and the values required to sustain it.

Furthermore, we also recognize how fundamental state and local governments are in helping us create a cleaner, greener, healthier country. That is why we are making sure that the folks we meet know about some of the candidates nearer the bottom of their ballots, candidate they can trust to put their water, air, and green spaces first.

Never mind the typical red, blue, and purple colors of the season. We want to make The White House, The Congress, and the Pennsylvania General Assembly as green as they can be, come January 2017.

Our track record

Built on decades of organizing experience, Environment America Action Fund has played a vital role in independent progressive field efforts. In numerous elections we have ramped up sophisticated door-to-door electoral field operations for pro-environment candidates on the local, state and national levels.

Since 2008, the Environment America network of organizations has run campaign offices in sixteen states – from California to Virginia to Massachusetts. To ensure our message reaches the maximum number of target voters and penetrates through all the noise in people’s busy lives, we often layer targeted mail, television and online communications on top of our targeted door program. 

In 2012, Environment America Action Fund ran a national field operation to help President Obama win a second term and to bring environmental champs to the U.S. House and Senate. Focusing in 10 states, EAAF helped win in 13 of the 14 federal races where we invested our field resources by knocking on nearly a half million doors in the month leading up to Election Day. Our efforts helped turn out the voters needed to elect Senate champions such as Tim Kaine and Martin Heinrich as well as vulnerable U.S. House members including Ami Bera and Scott Peters in CA.  


Paid for by Environment America Action Fund, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. Contact us at: www.environmentamericaactionfund.org.



Photo: Jeff Kubina via flickr.com / CC-BY-SA