Since 2008, Environment America Action Fund, in coordination with its partner groups, has knocked on over 5 million doors across 16 states and held over 2 million conversations with voters.

In response to unprecedented partisan attacks by the Trump administration on non-partisan environmental policies adopted by both Republican and Democratic administrations and Congress, Environment America Action Fund is mounting a multi-pronged electoral effort in 2018.

The GreenHouse Project

Some members of Congress and candidates running for congressional seats are not telling voters the full story about their records on the environment. They're trying to cover up the truth by “greenwashing” the harmful votes they’ve taken in lock-step with President Trump and his allies. In many cases, these “greenwashers” are running against candidates who are true environmental champions. The GreenHouse Project is giving voters the answers they need to make an informed decision this November when they vote for their next member of Congress.

The GreenHouse Project is focused on eight closely watched districts, plus two additional races where we have partnered with like-minded organizations. 

California-49: Southern California environmental leader, Mike Levin, is a first time candidate running against former state assembly-member, Diane Harkey. Mr. Levin is calling for an immediate end to taxpayer-funded subsidies for fossil fuel industries and a revenue-neutral carbon tax. Mike is running against Diane Harkey, who has repeatedly supported offshore drilling expansion. 

Florida-18: Born and raised in the district, Lauren Baer has spent her career in public service, mostly as a senior advisor at the State Department and the United Nations. On the campaign trail, she has clearly supported expanding environmental protections for Florida's fresh waterways and coast. South Florida is experiencing extreme water pollution right now, so her leadership in Congress on this issue will be more critical than ever. In contrast, her opponent, Rep. Brian Mast, has an anti-environmental track record, including a vote to remove protections from toxic runoff and a vote to repeal the Clean Water Rule.

Illinois-06: We are supporting Sean Casten, a scientist and entrepreneur who has proven to be a most impressive first-time candidate. Sean founded a company that recycles energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. He prioritizes energy efficiency and is calling for a national equivalent of state renewable energy requirements. Sean is running against Rep. Peter Roskam, who earned only  a 5 percent positive score on the issues from Environment America (156 votes from 2007-2017).

Minnesota-03: In the suburbs west of the Twin Cities, we are doing what we can for Dean Phillips, a successful, sustainability-minded, business leader who has repeatedly prioritized action on climate change, increased production of renewable energy, and energy efficiency while on the campaign trail. He has made it clear that climate change is an urgent threat to Minnesota’s way of life. His opponent, Rep. Erik Paulsen, in contrast, has voted to repeal a rule requiring energy companies to reduce waste and emissions. He also voted to block clean water protections for more than 50 percent of Minnesota’s waterways -- even voting to cut funding to protect the Boundary Waters.

New Mexico-02: In NM-02, Xochitl Torres Small—an attorney who works with local governments, farmers, developers, and conservationists to protect our water—is our candidate. Water and public lands are precious resources in this area of the country, so it’s critical that New Mexicans have someone as mindful and knowledgeable as Torres Small representing them in Washington. Xochitl is running against Yvette Herrell, a current state representative and real estate investor who opposed environmental proposals while in the state legislature.  

North Carolina-09: In North Carolina’s 9th congressional district, the GreenHouse Project is supporting Marine Corps veteran Capt. Dan McCready (Ret.). A clean energy entrepreneur, Dan is the co-founder of a company that finances construction of solar power farms. He is calling for a fully-funded Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is speaking boldly about the district’s contaminated water issues. He’s running against Mark Harris, who has called for subsidizing fossil fuel development and fast-tracking drilling permits.

Pennsylvania-07: Being one of the most closely watched congressional races in the nation, we are doing all that we can to support Susan Wild, who is an attorney and member of the board of directors for Second Harvest Food Bank. When it comes to the environment, Susan prioritizes action on climate change, defending our public lands, and tightening regulations on fracking. She’s running against Marty Nothstein, a former chair of the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners who has vowed to diminish the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority. 

Washington-08: We are supporting Kim Schrier in this predominantly suburban district due west of Seattle. As a pediatrician, Kim Schrier is all too familiar with the negative health consequences of polluted air and water.  She has made the environment, and efforts to transition our economy to 100% clean energy, a priority in her campaign.  Her commitment to a healthy and clean environment will be critical in the next Congress. Her opponent, former state legislator Dino Rossi, voted to weaken protections and oversight for toxic cleanups and voted for a huge tax break for a gas-powered plant that would have polluted our air without any accountability

In addition to the races outlined just above, we are also engaged in two additional races, where we are partnering with long trusted coalition partners. 

In New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District, we have partnered with LCV Victory Fund, EDF Action, and Clean Water action on a special project to help elect Andy Kim, who is running against incumbent Rep. Tom MacArthur. Unlike his opponent, we trust that Andy will prioritize pubic health and climate action over party and the interests of corporate polluters.

In New York’s 22nd Congressional district, where incumbent Claudia Tenney is being challenged by NY State Assembly member Anthony Brindisi, there's a stark contrast between these two candidates when it comes to their respective records and statements on the environment. Because it so clear to us that Anthony’s will put New York families first by prioritizing clean energy investments and common sense protections for our air and water, our ally Fair Share Action is participating in the Green House project by communicating this to voters via cable and broadcast television.  The campaign also includes digital advertising and telephone outreach. 

Donations to LCV electoral projects

In July, Environment America Action Fund announced two $5 million donations, one to the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Victory Fund and the other to LCV’s 527 Political Engagement Fund. We chose to support the League in part due to its long track record of pragmatic and effective bipartisan environmental politics. Here’s more information on our donation.


Environment America Action Fund is also endorsing candidates for Congress. Our top priority is endorsing candidates who are proven champions of the environment, including U.S. Rep. Rep. Jared Huffman (Calif.), candidate Xochitl Torres Small (N.M.), and energy activist Mike Levin (Calif.). We’re also endorsing candidates who are running against opponents who we will, based on our evidence, work against the environment. Here is a link to our endorsement announcement.

Our track record

Environment America Action Fund has played a vital role in independent efforts over the past decade. We coordinate closely with America Votes at the national and state level and have forged strong relationships with organizations like LCV Victory Fund and Fair Share Action to maximize our collective impact on Election Day and beyond.

Since 2008, the Environment America network of organizations has run campaign offices in 16 states. To ensure our message reaches the maximum number of target voters and penetrates through all the noise in people’s busy lives, we layer targeted mail, television and online communications on top of our targeted door programs.

In 2012, Environment America Action Fund ran a national field operation to help President Obama win a second term and to bring environmental champs to the U.S. House and Senate. Focusing in 10 states, EAAF helped win in 13 of the 14 federal races where we invested our field resources by knocking on nearly a half million doors in the month leading up to Election Day. Our efforts helped turn out the voters needed to elect Senate champions such as Tim Kaine and Martin Heinrich, as well as vulnerable U.S. House members, including Rep. Ami Bera and Rep. Scott Peters in California.

Environment America Action Fund went door-to-door in 2016 in the always crucial swing states of Pennsylvania and North Carolina, delivering big wins for pro-environment candidates. This was particularly true for now-Gov. Roy Cooper, who North Carolinians elected by the historically slim margin of only 0.2%. Our field teams knocked on over 87,000 doors across the state in support of his candidacy.


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