PennEnvironment teams up with Michael Mann in call for climate action

“Do we have the political will to preserve a livable planet?”

Few people have raised this question more eloquently than Michael Mann, a distinguished professor of atmospheric science at Penn State. He joined PennEnvironment’s Flora Cardoni in amplifying the call for climate action in an opinion piece published by Harrisburg Patriot-News on March 25. After a year in which Pennsylvanians experienced the wettest year on record and ongoing extreme heat events, Flora and Dr. Mann called on the state to transition from being a climate change contributor to a clean energy leader.

“We envision a commonwealth where everyone has solar on their roofs, where wind offshore is powering our businesses, and where we all have a safe and livable climate, free from harmful air pollution,” wrote Cardoni and Mann. “This vision can be our reality. The technology is here, the policy proposals are here, and the public support to transition to 100 percent renewable energy is here and growing every day.”

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Photo: PennEnvironment’s Flora Cardoni speaking in support of 100 percent renewable energy in Pennsylvania. Credit: Staff