Statement: President Biden to make important strides in climate action

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New administration will lay out national and international plans to cut carbon pollution

PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center

WASHINGTON — President Joseph Biden will release a far-reaching plan Wednesday afternoon that outlines the actions his administration will take to tackle climate change both domestically and internationally. With the scientific target squarely in focus — reaching net zero emissions by 2050 to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius — the new administration will lay out elements of a roadmap for the nation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a broad range of sectors, from agriculture to manufacturing. 

Notably, today’s announcements will include the creation of a National Climate Task Force, chaired by White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy, which will bring together twenty one federal agencies to work on ambitious domestic pollution reduction goals. The executive orders will also emphasize science in policy making at federal agencies; recommit the United States to international climate leadership, including hosting a global summit on Earth Day, April 22; and preserve public lands and oceans by pausing oil and gas leases on federal lands. 

PennEnvironment issued the following statement: 

“Pennsylvanians have been working for years to move our state to cleaner and healthier energy sources like wind and solar,” said Flora Cardoni, PennEnvironment’s Field Director. “But time is running out, and what’s seemed like a marathon for so many years must now become a sprint. Thankfully, President Biden’s bold and ambitious climate action plan is the type of galvanizing vision that can get us moving faster toward a better future for ourselves and our grandchildren. We are grateful to the Biden administration for taking this kind of leadership on climate action within a week of entering office. We are excited for the Commonwealth to follow his lead and enact bold climate and clean energy policies right here at home.”


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