Marcellus Shale News Wire

A Collection of Marcellus Shale and Gas Drilling Articles from Pennsylvania and Beyond


PennEnvironment Research and Policy Center

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Taking The Marcellus Shale Gas Boom From Rush to Responsibility

By Arthur Sterngold

August 2, 2012

After four years of rapid growth, Marcellus shale gas drilling has slowed. However, gas production may continue to development for the next few decades. Gas producers must earn greater public acceptance by proving their practices are environmentally and socially responsible.  


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Officials: Shale Zoning Ruling Will Be Upheld

By Janice Crompton  

August 2, 2012

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania recently ruled zoning mandates involving the Marcellus Shale gas industry, including in the state’s Act 13 law, to be unconstitutional. Gov. Corbett’s office announced that it would appeal the decision to the State Supreme Court. However, local officials this week expressed confidence that the decision would be upheld.



Lack of Funding Stalls Answers to Any Fracking Health Concerns

By Kevin Begos

August 1, 2012

In the spring, Pennsylvania stripped funding that included a statewide health registry to track respiratory problems, skin conditions, stomach ailments and other illnesses potentially related to gas drilling. The impacts of hydraulic fracturing are debated, and without credible answers lawsuits over public health and environment impacts are likely to increase.


Cranberry Patch

Cranberry Officials Keep Original Marcellus Shale Drilling Plan

By Akasha Brandt

August 3, 2012

In a unanimous vote, the Cranberry Board of Supervisors rejected the proposed amendment to the township’s current zoning laws for oil and gas companies. The amendment intended to adjust to the zoning laws of the recently overturned Act 13. The consensus among the Cranberry community is that the township should be allowed to create their own zoning laws. 


Standard Speaker

Agency Wants Impact Fee Revenue To Benefit Housing Above Shale

By Robert Swift

August 3, 212 

The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency is seeking proposals for projects to receive revenue from gas drilling impact fees earmarked to meet affordable housing needs in the Marcellus Shale region, officials announced Wednesday. Affordable housing was identified by lawmakers as an impact of drilling because an influx of workers in small towns and rural areas has led to a scarcity of housing and an increase in prices.