Marcellus Shale Newswire 06/17/2011

Vol. 2, Issue 14

A Collection of Marcellus Shale and Gas Drilling Articles from Pennsylvania and Beyond


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Health Department not tracking drilling illness claims

By Michael Rubinkam

June 12, 2011

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has not found a link between gas drilling and health consequences but they have no kept track of health complaints involving gas drilling. The Associated Press asked the health department for data on the number of drilling-related complaints but the health department said that they “do no currently have a centralized database”.


Delaware Country Daily Times

Politicians continue push for shale tax

By Jeff Wolfe

June 11, 2011

On Thursday July 9, a Pennsylvania House Democratic Policy Committee hearing discussed the financial and environmental impacts of Marcellus shale gas drilling. The main topic of discussion was the addition of a natural gas severance tax to the budget. Senator Vitali of Haverford said, “We’ve been putting this off way too long. We may disagree on the percentage of a tax and how to use the money, but we’ve got to get it done.”


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Impact fee proposed on natural gas wells

By Laura Olson

June 14, 2011

The Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee is meeting today, June 14, to discuss and tweak the natural gas impact fee bill presented by Senator Scarnati. The original bill charges a $10,000 base fee with that fee rising based off of price and level of production. The revenue is split between local governments and environmental initiatives. 


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Hearing was ‘ban fracking now!’ vs. ‘drill, baby, drill!’

By Jeremy Boren

June 14, 2011

The Department of Energy held a hearing at Washington and Jefferson yesterday, June 13, to hear proponents and opponents of gas drilling speak. The Natural Gas Subcommittee was formed on May 5th in response to President Obama’s call to improve safety of gas drilling. 


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pa. Senate edges closer to shale-gas-driller fee

By Laura Olson

June 15, 2011

The Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee unanimously planned to move forward with the fee on Marcellus shale gas drillers to charge $40,000 fee per gas well. It is the first fee that cleared a Senate committee.


The Philadelphia Inquirer

DEP examines report of gas in Lycoming Co.wells

June 16, 2011

The Department of Environmental Protection is examining another case of methane contaminated water in northern Pennsylvania near a Marcellus shale gas drilling site. The DEP has found methane in seven wells in Lycoming County an in Mundy Creek. The DEP said they are trying to determine the source of the gas. 


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Murrysville crowd attends meeting on shale ordinance

By Annie Tubbs

June 16, 2011

A public hearing was held in Murrysville to discuss Marcellus shale gas drilling in the area. More than 100 people attended the hearing including energy experts, lawyers, and residents who donned “NO FRACKING” shirts. The meeting was about a proposed ordinance that would limit deep well gas drilling and increase environmental protections. The hearing is continued on July 6. 


New Jersey Real-Time News

N.J. ban on ‘fracking’ process to extract natural gas sends is necessary safeguard

June 16, 2011

A group of legislators and activists met this week to call for a ban on hydraulic fracturing in New Jersey. Drilling has not started in the state but New Jersey has seen what has happened to the surrounding states of Pennsylvania and New York and merely want to protect potential contamination of the Delaware River.