Delaware County Officials hold expo to promote renewable energy, environmental protection

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For Immediate Release: Saturday, May 6, 2023
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Flora Cardoni, Field Director, [email protected], (716) 830-9079
Rose Rice, District Office Director, Rep. O’Mara, [email protected], 610-761-7159
Aigner Cleveland, Communications Director, Senator Kearney, [email protected], (610) 544-6120

[Springfield, PA] – PennEnvironment, State Senator Tim Kearney and State Representative Jennifer O’Mara were joined by Congresswoman May Gay Scanlon Saturday to host a clean energy expo promoting renewable energy solutions for Delaware County. The expo gave local residents the opportunity to explore the tools they can implement to promote clean energy and fight climate change in their own homes and that are being used across Delaware County.

PennEnvironment and Delaware County Officials hold expo to promote renewable energy, environmental protectionPhoto by TPIN | Used by permission

“Powering our lives with clean, renewable energy will reduce harmful air pollution, save consumers money, and combat climate change,” said Flora Cardoni, Field Director at PennEnvironment. “We’re happy to see the growth of the renewable energy sector throughout Delaware County, and appreciate the leadership of Congresswoman Scanlon, Senator Kearney and Representative O’Mara in championing a clean energy future.”

Attendees met with representatives from a dozen local environmental businesses and advocacy organizations, whose missions ranged from solar installation to energy efficiency to gardening. Local sustainability experts gave advice on installing solar panels, buying renewable electricity, and tips on purchasing an electric vehicle.

Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon also briefed attendees on the clean energy and energy efficiency opportunities available to local residents through Inflation Reduction Act programs. 

“Here in Southeast Pennsylvania, we see firsthand the impact of climate change on our health and our communities,” said Rep. Scanlon. “That’s why I proudly voted to pass the largest investment in climate action and clean energy ever with the Inflation Reduction Act – and I’m thrilled to see Pennsylvanians beginning to reap its cost-savings and job-creating benefits. Ensuring all of our communities can tap into the historic benefits requires collaboration at all levels of government, and I’m grateful for PennEnvironment, Senator Kearney, and Rep. O’Mara’s partnership in championing effective and equitable implementation.”

State Representative Jennifer O’Mara spoke to attendees about the need for stronger state-level clean energy and climate policies. 

“Climate Change is an imminent threat to our health and safety and, as a member of the General Assembly’s Climate Caucus, it is a goal of my office to share sustainable and environmentally friendly options to our community,” said State Representative Jennifer O’Mara (D-Delaware). “I appreciate the partnership with PennEnvironment and their leadership in fighting climate change and moving to a 100% renewable energy future.” 

PennEnvironment’s Flora Cardoni poses with Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon and State Rep Jennifer O’Mara at Delco ExpoPhoto by TPIN | Used by permission

The office of State Senator Tim Kearney talked with attendees about the importance of collaboration in fighting climate change.

“My job as an elected official is to prioritize the health and well-being of our communities. This means taking bold action to combat climate change and transitioning to clean energy sources,”  said Senator Kearney (D-Delaware). “Renewable energy solutions are not only necessary for a sustainable future, but they also have the potential to create jobs and economic opportunities for our residents. But this transition cannot be achieved by government alone. That’s why it was important for me to partner with Congresswoman Scanlon, Rep. O’Mara and PennEnvironment for this event. It requires collective action from everyone in our state. Together, we can create a more sustainable way of life and ensure a healthier planet for future generations.”The event attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and business leaders reaffirmed their commitment to fight climate change and bring about a 100% renewable energy future in the Keystone State in order to ensure a livable climate for future generations of Pennsylvanians and residents of Delaware County. 

Exhibitors included: Penn State Extension Master Gardeners of Delaware County, Climate Action PA, Community Action Agency of Delaware County, Inc., Solarize Delco, The Energy Co-op, Sierra Club Delaware County Team, Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) for PA, PECO (CLEAResult), Got Solar Solutions LLC, Altair EcoVillage, Brian McGowan, Whitaker Renewables, and O’Donnell Solar Co., and electric vehicles organized through National Drive Electric Week.


PennEnvironment is a citizen-funded environmental advocacy organization working to promote clean air, clean water, and protect Pennsylvania’s great natural heritage. For more information about this and PennEnvironment’s other work, visit

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