PennEnvironment calls for 100% renewable energy

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[Harrisburg, PA] — Following landmark 100 percent renewable energy victories in New Mexico, Maine, and Washington in 2019, Environment America is launching its 2020 campaign for 100 percent clean renewable energy around the country this week. Here in Pennsylvania, PennEnvironment is continuing to build support for its 100% renewable energy campaign, which launched in the beginning of 2018.

“We’ve known for a long time that burning fossil fuels damages Pennsylvanians’ health and destabilizes our climate. But we also know now in 2020 that we can meet our energy needs with renewable energy from the sun and wind,” said Flora Cardoni, PennEnvironment Climate Defender Campaign Director. “The first step is for Pennsylvania to commit to a future powered fully by clean renewable energy.”

PennEnvironment is advocating for legislation awaiting action in the Pennsylvania General Assembly that would require the Commonwealth to achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 (HB 1425, SB 630). The legislation has bipartisan support from 22 State Senators and 78 State Representatives.

“It’s time for those of us who believe in a just transition to a renewable energy-powered Pennsylvania to come together and raise our collective voice to demand climate action and environmental justice,” said State Representative Chris Rabb (D-Philadelphia), lead sponsor of the House legislation for 100 percent renewable energy.

“Moving Pennsylvania to 100 percent renewable energy means thousands of new jobs for workers and a cleaner environment for our families,” said State Senator Tom Killion (R-Chester), lead sponsor of the Senate legislation for 100 percent renewable energy. “We must embrace the renewable energy revolution that is unfolding around the country. Our economic future and the health of our citizens and environment depend upon it.”

PennEnvironment’s effort is part of a national trend. Six states have already enacted laws requiring 100 percent clean electricity by 2050 or sooner. Growing awareness of the environmental impacts of our energy use, coupled with rapid advances in technology and declining costs, has made renewable energy the preferred option for many cities and businesses, too. More than 150 U.S. cities, including dozens in Pennsylvania, have committed to transition to 100 percent renewable energy.

“With the renewable energy revolution already sweeping across America and the Commonwealth, we have a golden opportunity to continue moving the ball forward,” said Cardoni. “Committing to a healthier future powered by clean, renewable energy should be a no-brainer, and we look forward to working with the entire General Assembly to make Pennsylvania the next to commit to that vision.”


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