Rep. Rabb underscores importance of state, local renewable energy growth

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State official joins other clean energy leaders at webinar hosted by Environment America

Environment America

BOSTON — Pennsylvania Rep. Christopher Rabb discussed the role state action plays in spurring renewable energy adoption and called for continued progress during a webinar panel Friday hosted by Environment America.

Along with Rep. Rabb, the webinar also featured Massachusetts state Rep. Marjorie Decker, Savannah, Georgia, Mayor Van Johnson, and Johanna Neumann, senior director of Environment America’s Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy. The discussion centered on recent research revealing how states across the country are adopting renewable energy and why state leadership plays a significant role in turbo-charging clean energy progress. 

​​“We have everything we need,” said Rep. Rabb. “We have the technology, we have the expertise and we have the will of the people. I’m hoping that will translate to the political will.”

Rep. Rabb sponsored HB100, a bill that would transition Pennsylvania to 100% renewable energy by 2050. During the panel, Rep. Rabb illustrated the public health issues that inspired his effort to repower the commonwealth with renewable energy and spoke to the need for bipartisan collaboration around clean energy legislation.

“I’m really happy to be surrounded by good troublemakers from all across the country who understand that public policy at all levels serves an important role as we move toward a 100% renewable energy future,” said Rep. Rabb.

Environment America, which sponsored the event, is campaigning for commitments to 100% clean and renewable energy from states, cities and institutions. Each new commitment brings the United States that much closer to a greener future powered by clean energy. 

“Progress hasn’t been limited by region or political background. States across the country are seeing renewables boom because they just make sense,” Neumann said. “We have the technology and the resources to break free from these polluting energy sources, and as soon as we do our communities will have a huge burden lifted.”


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