Statement: Gov. Wolf’s veto of tax break for fracking, single-use plastics is vital

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Legislature must not override veto as that act would continue Pennsylvania’s addiction to fossil fuels, which negates efforts to reduce climate change, pollution


PHILADELPHIA – Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf today vetoed a bill (HB 1100) that would give the fracking and petrochemical industries a massive tax break. The legislation would not only lead to more than $660 million in lost revenue for the commonwealth, but would also make it harder to fund important statewide priorities such as environmental protection, public health and education. 

The proposal has been met with broad opposition from environmental organizations. Nevertheless, members of the General Assembly have publicly stated their intent to try to override Gov. Wolf’s veto. 

PennEnvironment Executive Director David Masur issued the following statement: 

“I applaud Governor Wolf for taking a firm stance against this deeply dangerous bill. With all the important challenges facing the commonwealth today, giving massive tax breaks to companies with both deep pockets and long-standing legacies of pollution is outrageous. Rather than give huge handouts to those who make climate change worse and increase plastic pollution, elected officials should be working to solve those serious problems.

“Already, Pennsylvania’s ongoing reliance on fossil fuels — thanks to such practices as fracking — counters other strides taken in recent years to combat climate change. In fact, petrochemical facilities have become the single-largest industrial emitters of global warming pollution in the world. From cradle-to-grave, fossil fuels pose a huge risk to the environment and health of our communities. 

“Members of the General Assembly should show their constituents that their health and safety is a top priority by committing to upholding this veto.”

Previous votes on this bill: On Sept. 19, the House passed the bill 139-46. Then on Feb 4, the state Senate passed an amended version of the legislation 39-11. It was sent back to the House the same day for a concurrence vote, that passed 157-35.


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