Statement: Great American Outdoors Act being signed into law is historic

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Public lands bill is the culmination of a decades-long conservation effort


Philadelphia, PA – President Trump today signed the Great American Outdoors Act, which will permanently fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) at $900 million annually and provide $9.5 billion over five years to fix maintenance problems plaguing America’s public lands. 

The  majority of the Pennsylvania congressional delegation voted in support of the Great American Outdoors Act.

Alongside other environmental organizations, hunting and fishing groups, outdoor recreation businesses and more, PennEnvironment has worked to build support to  permanently fund LWCF,for numerous years, including running  billboard advertisements, getting thousands of Pennsylvanians to write and call their congressperson in support of LWCF, a steady series of op-eds, and an ongoing presence on Capitol Hill and in congressional districts

In response to the President signing the bill into law, PennEnvironment’s Conservation Advocate, Stephanie Wein, released the following statement:

“The Great American Outdoors Act is now law, and that’s no small accomplishment. There’s finally a lock and key on money that was always intended for conservation projects — yet, for decades, has been consistently diverted to other purposes. 

“This new law is not only a major investment in outdoor spaces but also in every Pennsylvanian’s physical and mental health. It’s a decisive step toward acknowledging that our lives are made richer if surrounded by more nature, more open spaces, whether it’s local parks and playgrounds or iconic places like Gettysburg, Allegheny National Forest and the Delaware Water Gap.

“We hope Congress can remain clear-eyed about what’s needed after this historic moment. From embracing wildlife corridors to protecting 30 percent of America’s lands and waters by 2030, there’s so much more to do. But for the moment, we’re thrilled to have achieved a bipartisan win for the great outdoors during these deeply partisan times.” 


PennEnvironment is dedicated to protecting our air, water and open spaces. We investigate problems, craft solutions, educate the public and decision-makers, and help the public make their voices heard in local, state and national debates over the quality of our environment and our lives. For more information, visit



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