Mt. Rainier National Park in Autumn
Mike Peters |

We want more places where we can hike, bike and jog among trees and wildflowers. We want more mountaintops where we can see nothing but forest below, more rivers that flow wild and free. We want more wildlife in our world, from the grizzly on the ridgeline to the bee in our garden, from the wolf in the forest to the butterfly in our backyard.

Environment America is working to protect our public lands from exploitation and development, save America’s remaining wildlife, and defend our oceans from drilling, plastic pollution and other threats.


Protect Our Public Lands

Can you imagine a world filled with more national parks to enjoy and more wilderness to explore? So can we. And we’re working together to make that vision a reality.

Go Solar

Every year, enough sunlight shines on our country to provide 100 times more power than we need. But only a fraction of it is being captured and stored. We’re calling for solutions to help more Americans go solar.