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Post Gazette

Breaking: State Judges Throw Out Act 13 Zoning Provisions

By Laura Olsons

July 26, 2012 

Act 13, passed in February, aimed to established statewide zoning for Marcellus Shale drilling by dictating what municipalities can and cannot include in their zoning standards for gas drilling. A Commonwealth court declared the zoning revisions null and void. 


State Impact

Commonwealth Court Rules Act 13’s Zoning Restrictions are Unconstitutional

By Scott Detrow  

July 26, 2012

Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court has throw out restrictions on local governments’ ability to zone and regulate natural gas drilling. The limits on local zoning violate municipalities’ substantive due process, according to the ruling. 


State Impact

When It Comes To Energy, Corbett Is Willing To Spend Big

By Scott Detrow

July 20, 2012 

Gov. Corbett signed into law a 2011 budget that cut more than $1 billion in state spending, reducing funding for nearly every state department. However, Corbett administration grants tax breaks and grants directed to energy companies. 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

State to Study Air Quality at Shale Sites

By Laura Olson  

July 23, 2012 

State environmental regulators announced on Monday that they are beginning a one-year study of air quality near several Marcellus Shale sites in Washington County.



Municipalities Voice Support for Act 13 Suit

By Brad Hundt

July 24, 2012 

As officials in Cecil, Peters, Mt. Pleasant and Robinson townships await a decision from Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court on a suit filed in April challenging the constitutionality of Act 13, some of their compatriots around the state are joining them in the nail biting.



Drought Helps Fracking Foes Build Momentum Around Recycling

By Kasia Klimasinska and Jim Efstathiou Jr.

July 23, 2012

The worst U.S. drought in a half century is putting pressure on natural-gas drillers to conserve the millions of gallons of water used in hydraulic fracturing to free trapped gas and oil from underground rock.


Courier Express

EPA Takes Action Injection Well in Troutville

By Katie Weidenboerner

July 21, 2012 

Enforcement action has been taken on a local underground injection well and another potential well is still going through the Environmental Protection Agency’s permitting process.