Marcellus Shale Newswire 05/06/2011

Vol. 2, Issue 8

A Collection of Marcellus Shale and Gas Drilling Articles from Pennsylvania and Beyond


Erie Times News

Pa. Group wants stronger limits on gas drilling

May 6, 2011

According to PennEnvironment, policymakers in Pennsylvania need to crack down on Marcellus shale drilling close to water supplies and buildings. Pennsylvania law says that drilling sites cannot be within 200 feet of a building and wells but recent studies have found that there are still hundreds of environmental violations within the companies. 


Erie Times News

Corbett: Drilling violations didn’t need OK from top

May 4, 2011

The Department of Environmental protection is allowed to cite natural gas operators for violations without getting consent from higher powers first. Governor Corbett stated after the internet dispute in March, “Go ahead and send it…we are looking to make sure there is consistency that the same event, the same type of act, when they commit an even in Meadville region are treated the same in Meadville as they are in Wilkes-Barre.”


Central Pennsylvania’s Pennlive

Marcellus Shale links: Residnets in North East Township debate ban on hydraulic fracturing

May 2, 2011

North East Township is debating about banning hydraulic fracturing as their economy is built off of wineries, farming, and tourism which are all threatened by Marcellus shale drilling. The projects director for the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund said, “We don’t have a drilling, polluting, mining problem in Pennsylvania, but a democracy problem.”


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Borough ban on drilling may end

By Tim Tuinstra

May 5, 2011

Etna’s council members now believe that the existing drilling ban for the borough may be illegal and will be discussed at a public hearing June 21. The proposed resolution would allow Marcellus shale drilling in a small area and would also allow residents small windmills and solar panels. The individual windmills and solar panels would need to be approved on a case-by-case basis. 


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Plan would exclude Pittsburgh from proceeds of drilling fee

By Don Hopey

May 1, 2011

Senator Joe Scarnati outlined his drilling impact fee and said it would exclude Pittsburgh as the fee would only impact locations that have drilling. “If Pittsburgh so chooses not to allow drilling, that’s fine,” Mr. Scarnati said. “But there are other communities that are having the drilling, and the dollars will flow where the impacts are”


The New York Times

Pa. Well Blowout Tests Natural Gas Industry on Voluntary Fracking Disclosure

By Mike Soraghan

May 4, 2011

Chesapeake Energy Corp has not disclosed information on the chemicals that spilled during the gas well blow out in northeastern Pennsylvania last month. Chesapeake was one of the first to join FracFocus registry but they do not plan on filing the report until it is completed. 


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