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“Going solar was an outgrowth – not just of the idea of saving money, and enjoying that cost savings – but also the idea that we’re called as Christians to love God and our neighbor. And this is one small way to love our neighbor." Pastor Paul Metzloff, Pastor of Reformation Lutheran Church in Reading, PA
By moving past coal, oil, and natural gas, we stand to make big improvements in both our air quality and our children’s health here in Pittsburgh and throughout the state. Pediatrician Dr. Gabe Cisneros, MD, FAAP
I’ve witnessed how PennEnvironment brings together key elected officials to their press events and participate in committee hearings who are willing to confront the formidable fossil fuel industry and help move us toward a renewable future. Walter Tsou, Member, PennEnvironment
Threats to the environment put us and future generations at risk. We support PennEnvironment because they research the issues, and advocate for what we believe is important. Randy and Celeen Sklar, Members, PennEnvironment
Protecting our natural environment is our human responsibility. We don't own nature—we're a part of it. The solutions are out there. The first step is to call our elected officials in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C. Let them know we'll vote them out if they don't act now. Martha Morgan, Member, PennEnvironment