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PennEnvironment in D.C. to Celebrate the Inflation Reduction Act

Four weeks after President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law, PennEnvironment’s Executive Director David Masur and Field Director Flora Cardoni were invited to the White House for a celebration of this historic law that included unprecedented funding levels for climate action across the U.S.

PennEnvironment staff stand outside of the White House to celebrate the Inflation Reduction ActPhoto by TPIN | TPIN

The Inflation Reduction Act includes policies designed to rein in climate pollution, spur clean energy, and promote energy conservation. After years of engaging concerned Pennsylvanians and advocating for climate action and a renewable energy future, Tuesday’s celebration was a clear acknowledgment that this organizing work is paying off. 

PennEnvironment also took time while in D.C. to thank Pennsylvania’s members of Congress, like Rep. Susan Wild (PA-07), for their work to get this bill to the finish line. 

PennEnvironment’s Flora Cardoni thanks the office of Rep. Susan Wild for voting for the Inflation Reduction Act and her commitment to climate actionPhoto by TPIN | TPIN

PennEnvironment is excited to keep working with all of our citizen members and volunteers across the state to keep pushing the politics forward and making sure that bold climate action is prioritized moving forward.

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