Is it In US?: Chemical Contamination in Our Bodies.

Released by: Environment America

Executive Summary

This report documents the results of a national biomonitoring project that tested 35 diverse people from seven states for contamination with three types of toxic, industrial chemicals. The project found these industrial chemicals in every person tested. Human and other animal studies have linked these detected chemicals to birth defects, cancer, learning disabilities, infertility, asthma and other harmful health conditions.

People’s exposures to toxic chemicals from the products they use everyday—shower curtains, tin cans baby bottles, water bottles, shampoo, hairspray, couch cushions,  computers, and other products—indicates the failure of our nation’s chemical policies, which have not prevented our bodies from becoming polluted with toxic chemical substances. The presence of toxic chemicals in products we use daily is legal. Our chemical safety policies have failed. But we can protect public health with better, common sense chemical policies, and many are already being advanced at both the state and federal level.