More than 500 Small Businesses Call for Cleaner Cars

Environment America
Last updated: 10/4/2017

Administrator Pruitt:

2016 was the hottest year ever recorded. Extreme weather events fueled by global warming – including heat-waves, droughts, floods, and wildfires – are hitting close to home. More than 97 percent of Americans live in a county that has suffered from at least one weather-related disaster since 2010. Excess heat is also worsening air pollution and threatening our health. Four in 10 Americans already live in areas that fail to meet federal air quality standards.

We need to work aggressively to cut pollution that is warming our climate and putting our health and safety at risk. However, instead of working toward cleaner air, polluters are working with their allies in Congress and the administration to weaken important policies like the Clean Car Standards and the Clean Air Act.

We need these critical programs to protect our health and environment. Reducing pollution will help curb the effects of climate change, reducing the risks that small businesses from heat waves and other extreme weather. At the same time, it will spur innovation and investment in clean energy, growing our economy and creating new opportunities. Let’s move forward, not back.

I urge you to reject any and all attacks on critical programs like the Clean Car Standards and the Clean Air Act. Please also stand against any attempts to cut funding for health and environmental protection. Ultimately, we must clean up pollution from transportation and power plants, and move toward 100 percent clean, renewable energy to power our economy.

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