Electrify UPS Petitions

Environment America's members and supporters in all 50 states and Puerto Rico sent 8,895 petitions to UPS urging them to commit to all electric trucks. 

Dear UPS CEO Carol Tomé,

Imagine what UPS could accomplish for our health and the environment by electrifying your entire delivery fleet.

Delivery trucks drive through our neighborhoods every day, emitting air pollution that threatens our health and warms our climate. To clean our air and protect our planet for future generations, UPS should make the switch to all-electric delivery trucks. Purchasing 10,000 electric vehicles is a start, but with a fleet of over 125,000 vehicles, UPS can raise the bar higher.

I urge UPS to seize this opportunity to become a corporate leader in safeguarding our health and the environment by committing to electrify its entire delivery fleet by 2040, with interim goals of 50% electric purchases by 2025 and 100% electric purchases by 2030.

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