Destination: Zero Carbon Factsheet

America’s transportation system produces more greenhouse gas emissions than any other sector of our economy. Three strategies – phasing out fossil fuel vehicles, electrifying and improving our transit system, and getting more people moving by foot, bike and transit – can put the U.S. on a path to a zero-carbon transportation system.


Nature in Your Neighborhood: Scavenger Hunt

Nature is all around us! Use this list to help identify the nature that’s in your home and neighborhood, as well as things that help us make a healthier community and planet.


Fact Sheet: Rethinking U.S. Transportation Policy to Fight Global Warming

Preventing the worst impacts of global warming will require us to nearly eliminate carbon pollution from transportation by 2050. Current federal and state transportation policies in the United States often set us back in the fight against global warming. To move toward a carbon-free transportation system, America must adopt a bold new vision for transportation policy.