States leading the way on 100% clean, renewable energy

State-level clean energy leadership is needed more than ever

State level clean energy goals fuel a virtuous cycle to grow clean energy. It's time to lean in.

Wind turbines in eastern Washington state
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Wind turbines in eastern Washington state

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States are leading the way on clean energy

When California passed Senate Bill (SB) 100 in 2018, it propelled a nationwide movement for 100% clean and renewable energy. SB 100 set a statewide goal to power all of California’s electricity needs with 100% clean energy by 2045. By codifying a 100% clean energy goal into law, California signaled its intention to transition to clean energy. The legislative commitment guaranteed a market for clean energy to grow.

The article below outlines how states have set clean energy goals, what those goals and timetables are, and what the next steps are that states can take to drive progress toward a future powered by 100% renewable energy.

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