Ten Ways Your Community Can Go Solar

The United States has enough solar energy installed to power over 11 million American homes. America’s cities and towns play a key role in driving the adoption of clean, renewable energy. Yet, most have only begun to tap their solar energy potential. Local governments can set the pace for solar growth by driving development through effective public policy and community engagement, reaping benefits for the environment, public health, grid resilience and consumers.


Health professionals urge President-elect Trump to act on climate

With health impacts of global warming ranging from heat-related illness and deaths to asthma and respiratory illnesses, and more vector borne diseases, climate change is threatening the health of Americans across the country. President-elect Donald Trump has the power to dramatically cut the greenhouse gas pollution fueling this crisis in his upcoming administration. This letter includes the call of more than a thousand health professionals on President-elect Trump to work to shift towards a 100% renewable energy and efficient future, while phasing out the use of fossil fuels.