More than 500 Small Businesses Call for Cleaner Cars

Administrator Pruitt: 2016 was the hottest year ever recorded. Extreme weather events fueled by global warming – including heat-waves, droughts, floods, and wildfires – are hitting close to home. More than 97 percent of Americans live in a county that has suffered from at least one weather-related disaster since 2010. Excess heat is also worsening air pollution and threatening our health. Four in 10 Americans already live in areas that fail to meet federal air quality standards.


Ten Ways Your Community Can Go Solar

The United States has enough solar energy installed to power over 11 million American homes. America’s cities and towns play a key role in driving the adoption of clean, renewable energy. Yet, most have only begun to tap their solar energy potential. Local governments can set the pace for solar growth by driving development through effective public policy and community engagement, reaping benefits for the environment, public health, grid resilience and consumers.