Sen. Whitehouse launches climate change task force

Media Contacts
Channing Jones

Environment Rhode Island

Providence – Following President Obama’s pledge to address global warming during his inaugural address, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Representative Henry Waxman launched a Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change that will provide a Congressional forum for discussions of solutions to global warming. The Task Force is expected to convene meetings of members from both chambers of Congress, and release reports and help circulate information on global warming and solutions to the problem.

Channing Jones, Program Associate with Environment Rhode Island, issued the following statement in response:

“We’re thrilled to see a new federal platform for global warming solutions being established, and that it’s being co-led by a Rhode Island senator with such a strong track record of leadership on this issue.

“With our miles of coastline and high vulnerability to flooding, sea level rise and extreme weather are real, significant threats to Rhode Island. If we don’t tackle the pollution that contributes to climate change, we will face even greater threats.

“To prevent the worst impacts of global warming, we need leadership on this issue and solutions to the problem. We look forward to working with Senator Whitehouse to identify and promote those solutions and help us fulfill our obligation to our children and future generations to tackle global warming.”