Legislation in the House poses threat of new coastal oil drilling

When you drill, you spill — but new legislation could force new oil drilling projects off our country's coasts.

Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement via Flickr | Public Domain
Offshore oil and gas drilling projects are accompanied by the constant threat of catastrophic spills that endanger wildlife.

The U.S. House of Representatives is considering legislation that could open up our coasts to new dangerous oil drilling projects.

The Strategic Production Response Act would require the federal government to hold new lease sales for oil and gas drilling on up to 10% of federal lands and waters. If passed, this new legislation would open up more of our country’s coasts to the dangers of offshore oil drilling, which comes with the ever-present danger of catastrophic spills.

Lisa Frank, executive director of Environment America’s  Washington Legislative Office, said of the bill, “Whether on land or at sea, drilling poses an unacceptable risk for our wildlife, wild places and waterways. At a time when we should be moving away from this destructive, dangerous practice — and expanding the use of renewable power — this bill doubles down on the outmoded energy of the past.”

Environment America is working to stop new drilling projects and protect our coasts from the dangers of oil and gas drilling.


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