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Protect Thompson Divide from mining and drilling

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Bureau of Land Management Director Tracy Stone-Manning and Bureau of Land Management Colorado State Office Director Doug Vilsack,

We support your proposal to protect nearly 225,000 acres of important wild land in the Thompson Divide of central Colorado.

In this beautiful backcountry of White River National Forest, wild aspen wind between the mountains along the Crystal River, brightening to golden hues in autumn. Abundant wildlife amble through the Thompson Divide, including lynx, black bears, bighorn sheep and elk.

But industries threaten to ravage the landscape by mining its mountains or drilling for oil and gas. Protecting Thompson Divide will preserve its ecological importance, maintain the benefits of trees to local air quality, and allow visitors to enjoy its unspoiled scenery.

The Biden administration can protect this special place from destruction. There should be no new mining or drilling in Thompson Divide for the next 20 years.


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