Tell California Governor Gavin Newsom to save the bees

sumikophoto |

Dear Governor Gavin Newsom,

Bees are dying at unsustainable rates, and one clear contributor is the widespread use of bee-killing neonic pesticides. I urge you to take action to restrict bee killing neonicotinoids (neonics) this summer in lawns, gardens and golf courses.

Neonics are poisonous to bees, butterflies, and other wildlife. The pesticides attack bees’ central nervous system, causing neurological damage, paralysis, and death.

California can become the tenth state to limit the worst uses of neonics, and doing so will reinforce our commitment and leadership on the environment. Pollinators should be protected, not poisoned. Please take action to protect pollinators and the environment that they depend on by supporting and signing bill AB363 when it comes to your desk.

Thank you,


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