Brunch for the Bees Toolkit

Join the Swarm! Host a brunch for bees in August! Tell Ace & True Value to save brunch and stop selling bee-killing pesticides

Sara E Smith


Summer is here, along with an abundance of fruits and veggies pollinated by bees, but Ace and True Value have yet to make public commitments to stop selling bee-killing pesticides.  We need you to help turn up the heat on these retailers and demand that they follow their competitors and get bee-killing pesticides off their shelves.  

Thank you for joining thousands of people across the U.S. to host a brunch for bees to urge Ace and True Value to stop selling bee-killing pesticides.  

Hosting a brunch is easy! Below are some tips to help you.  

I. Instructions for hosting a brunch for bees: 

  1. Sign up to host brunch.
  2. Pick a day and time during the month of August to host your brunch.
  3. Send invites to your brunch. Invite your friends and family to enjoy brunch and help save the bees.
  4. Plan out a menu. Try to select local and organic ingredients that are pollinated by bees for your brunch. Check out our sample brunch menu and list of pollinated foods to get started.
  5. Download and print out the brunch sign ( Print in color — or there is a black and white version if you want to get crafty and color it yourself. Or it could be a fun kid activity!
  6. Download and print a letter ( to Ace and True Value for everyone that attends your brunch.
  7. Snap two pictures of everyone around your brunch table holding up the sign. One picture with all the food with ingredients pollinated by bees and one with only food with ingredients not pollinated by bees.
  8. Send your photos to [email protected] and tell us how it went. We’ll post all of the photos we receive on social media to create a buzz about the month of action. This will send a strong message to Ace and True Value that people across the country want them to stop selling bee-killing pesticides. 

Spread the Buzz on social media
1. Facebook:
Post the statement below along with the pictures you took with your sign on Ace and True Value’s ( and ( Facebook wall and post on your wall to spread the word about the days of action. Use the message “Ace and True Value: save brunch! Stop selling bee-killing pesticides! #SaveBrunch” 

2. Twitter: Tweet your photos to Ace and True Value’s Twitter accounts. @AceHardware and @TrueValue with the hashtag #SaveBrunch



Sara E Smith