Great opportunity for Texas clean air activists

Four Days of Play, Peers, Planning and Productive Protest 

Sara E Smith

Downwinders at RIsk is launching an annual grassroots environmental gathering, called the “Root and Branch Revue,” November 4th – 7th, that includes at least four separate events and features living legend Lois Gibbs of Love Canal fame. Other groups supporting the event include the Arlington Conservation Council, Environment Texas, North Texas Light Brigade, Liveable Arlington, Public Citizen Texas, Texas Campaign for the Environment, Texas Grassroots Network, Mansfield Gas Well Awareness, Veterans for Peace, Code Pink Greater Dallas, and the Dallas Sierra Club. Meet, socialize and participate with those like yourself who are trying their best to change things for the better.

On Wednesday, November 4th, 7:30 to 9 pm
it’s time to “Get Polluted with Bar Politics” at The Rustic Bar, 3656 Howell (near Lemmon and Central). Dallas’ version of the Daily Show turns its cynical eye to All Things Environmental. It’s Must-See Local, Homemade Parody in a great atmosphere. Laugh until you cry.

On Thursday, November 5th from 7 to 9 pm there’s a panel discussion on“The Future of Fighting Fracking in Texas” at the Texas Theater on 231 West Jefferson in Oak Cliff – a venue that was central in Dallas’ own fracking fight of 2011-2013. Participants include Lois Gibbs, Sharon Wilson of Earthworks, Adam Briggle of Frack Free Denton, and others. Both panel members and the audience will be talking about strategies that can be successful in a Texas that’s banned traditional zoning as a way of regulating fracking. Admission is free. 

Friday, November 6th from 12 Noon to 1pm sees a “Get Tough on Texas” rally at EPA Regional Headquarters in Downtown Dallas at 1445 Ross. Tired of Texas always suing the EPA? Frustrated by our state fighting every new regulation? Help tell the EPA we want a forceful federal response to Texas’ foot dragging and legal challenges. Since the state won’t enforce environmental laws, we need to give the EPA the political courage to step up and take over the job. 

Saturday, November 7th from 10 am to 4 pm at the the First Unitarian Church of Dallas, 4015 Normandy, is a full day of skills and technical workshops facilitated by national and regional experts, including Lois Gibbs, her Harvard-trained toxicologist Stephen Lester, Lubbock-based Dr. Anne Epstein MD, Ilan Levin, the lead attorney for the Environmental Integrity Project in Austin, and Sharon Wilson of Earthworks. Topics include “How to Better Plan Your Fights,” “DFW Toxicology,” “How to Get Better Media Coverage,” Do-It-Yourself Environmental Sampling,” How to Have Better Meetings” and “The Medical Case Against Fracking.” (see a complete list online)

The Workshops are the only thing in the Revue that costs to attend: $35 if you register online now, $50 at the door (including lunch)


More events are being added with details to come. Information about the entire 4-day event can be found at


Sara E Smith