Environment Texas Congratulates New Water Board Members, Urges Action for Conservation

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AUSTIN – Environment Texas Director Luke Metzger congratulated the new members of the Texas Water Development Board today as the new board prepared to meet for the first time. He released the following statement:

“The new board needs to dive right in to solving Texas’ water problems, but with water levels low, they need to proceed with caution. This drought has drawn attention to Texas’ wasteful use of water and we can’t continue with business as usual. This board has an unprecedented opportunity to shift Texas toward a more sustainable path that cuts water waste, maximizes conservation and leaves sufficient water in our rivers for wildlife and recreation. The law requires the water board to set aside at least 20 percent of water funding for conservation. They need to get started right away in developing programs to help farmers, businesses, and cities conserve water and meet and exceed this minimum standard.”

A March 2013 Environment Texas Research and Policy Center report calculated that improved water efficiency could reduce water demand by 500 billion gallons annually by 2020, enough to meet the municipal water needs of 9 million Texans.