Freezing temperatures may lead to gas supply shortages

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Environment Texas warns of risk of pollution, blackouts

Environment Texas Research and Policy Center

AUSTIN, Texas – Pipeline operator Kinder Morgan reported today that due to a recent Winter Storm Watch there is a possibility of “supply shortfalls” which could lead to blackouts. The National Weather Service stated that an Arctic cold front will bring freezing temperatures and icing across the South-Central Texas region. A similar cold front at the beginning of January led gas companies to flare 1 million cubic feet of methane gas, leading to a 20% drop in production in the Permian Basin and 1300 megawatts of electricity generation going offline due to lack of fuel availability.

Environment Texas Research and Policy Center’s Michael Lewis issued the following statement: 

“These failures simultaneously put our citizens at risk of power failures when they need it most and release huge amounts of pollution due to line freezes. This warning, which comes as the anniversary of winter storm Uri approaches, illustrates how little action has been taken to protect our energy system. It’s unacceptable and maddening that this keeps happening. The Railroad Commission and gas companies need to get their act together and start weatherizing these facilities as soon as possible. As climate change continues, these events will become more common and we need to start taking preparations more seriously.”